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Performance as at: 17 Apr 2019
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AnnualisedFund %Benchmark %Relative performance %
Since public launch (26 Oct 2012)
5 years9.97.42.5
3 years15.511.34.2
1 year8.611.7(3.1)
Not annualised
Financial YTD3.54.5(1.0)
3 months7.88.5(0.7)
Highest and lowest annual return since public launchReturn %Calendar year
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The chart shows the value of AUD 100 invested in Class B units in the Fund and in the benchmark over the selected period. The public launch date of the Fund was 4 May 2006, and the Class B inception date was 26 October 2012. The benchmark is the S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index.
Returns relate to Class B units and are net of fees, include income, assume reinvestment of distributions and exclude any spreads that might be payable on transactions. Returns for periods of more than one year are annualised. Annualised returns show the average amount earned on an investment in the Fund each year over the given time period. The highest and lowest returns earned during a calendar year since the public launch of the Fund are shown to demonstrate the variability of returns. The complete return history for the Fund can be obtained by contacting our Client Services team.
Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Fund prices will fluctuate and there is no guarantee with respect to the performance of the Fund or that an investor's capital will be preserved. The actual performance experienced by investors may differ as a result of the specific investment date, the date of reinvestment of income distributions, and withholding tax applied to income distributions.