Every investor is different, yet when it comes to the opaque world of superannuation administration fees, many are treated the same. With Allan Gray Superannuation, Investments and Retirement (Allan Gray Solutions) you decide your administration fees through the investment choices you make. We have created a calculator to demonstrate how.

The calculator, which you can access here , provides a fee range in dollars and basis points so you can see how the investment choices you make control the administration fees you pay. You start by selecting your chosen solution and enter your investment amount. Immediately you get an indication of your administration fee range.

You can then get a more specific figure by creating your portfolio. Icons show the three different administration fee levels across over 350 investment options and you can make changes to your portfolio in the calculator at any time. A more detailed fee breakdown shows the make-up of your administration fees and how each of your investment choices have contributed to your total fees. After all, we believe you should have the power to control your fees and understand how your choices affect them. For information about the administration fees and all other fees and costs that apply to Allan Gray Superannuation, Investments and Retirement, please read the relevant disclosure document.

Click below to watch a video tutorial on how to use the calculator and the savings you can make.



The calculator is one way Allan Gray demonstrates our staunch commitment to equality.  We don’t play favourites.  Everyone has access to the same investment menu, for the same price, for the same dollars invested – always.  We don’t believe in legacy pricing, grandfathering clauses or fee deals.  If administration costs come down, which we assume they will with technological innovation, then we will automatically lower our pricing and all our clients will benefit.

We believe that clients should not have to wait for a meeting with their adviser to benefit from favourable pricing changes.  We also believe it’s important to support advisers – they shouldn’t have to move clients to alternative platforms in order to access a contemporary pricing structure. Nor should they have to complete new SOAs or additional paperwork in order to get their clients a better deal.

Allan Gray Solutions also distinguishes itself on real control. Clients have real control over the investments they select and, as a result, the price.  Unlike the typical market which offers either a ‘low cost, limited choice product’ or a ‘high cost, wider choice product’, our solution has an array of investments that allows clients to truly customise their portfolios and their costs.

To find out more please speak to your usual Allan Gray representative or click here to contact our Client Services team.