Superannuation, Investments & Retirement

About investing in Allan Gray Superannuation, Investments and Retirement Solutions

The Allan Gray Superannuation, Investments and Retirement Solutions are an administration, transaction and reporting service that provides a consolidated view of your investments. You have the choice to invest within the superannuation environment where you can direct your SG payments or the investments environment which may also be suitable to manage your SMSF investment needs. We take care of the administration of your investments, and you have online access to the most recently available information regarding your portfolio.

Allan Gray Superannuation $2,500
Allan Gray Investments $2,500
Allan Gray Retirement $20,000

You can choose from a wide range of investment options including:

  • Over 350 managed funds including Allan Gray Managed Funds
  • All Ordinaries shares, exchange traded funds and listed investment companies
  • A selection of term deposits – choice of providers with varied terms
  • Choice of managed account model portfolios

The Cash Hub is your personal working cash account. It is used for receiving contributions and investment income, settling purchases, completing withdrawal requests and paying any fees, charges and taxes. Your Cash Hub earns interest and must remain open with a balance of $2,500 in Allan Gray Superannuation and Allan Gray Investments, or if you hold insurance in Allan Gray Superannuation you will also need a minimum of three months premiums. For Allan Gray Retirement, the minimum holding in your cash hub is $2500 plus the equivalent value of three months pension payments.

When you first invest, your monies are deposited to the Cash Hub and from there you can allocate to your nominated investments. Please refer to the disclosure documents for further information.

The Term Deposit Hub is where you can access selected Fixed Term Deposits. The Term Deposit Hub is designed specifically to help remove the time consuming administration associated with moving funds between Term Deposit providers in order to maximise return. Please refer to the disclosure documents for further information.

How to transact and manage

What information is available on the secure portal?

Our secure portal enables you to log on from the convenience of any desk or mobile device, 24 hrs a day and see a consolidated view across your investments. The ‘Secure Portal’ also provides instant reports on your portfolios throughout the year and includes a suite of reports you can run whenever you choose from wherever you are. The reports available include:

  • Portfolio valuation – details of all your current investments including the balance in your Cash Hub
  • Portfolio transactions – details of transactions that have occurred in your portfolio, and
  • Income and expenses by investment – details of income received from each investment.

At the end of each day all of your investments will be valued by using the latest sale price or withdrawal price available to us. Daily valuation reports are available online.

You can use the Online Order Pad to place orders to buy ASX listed shares, managed funds and term deposits. It is located on the secure portal and offers you an easy way to transact on your investments. Please note, that if you have an adviser nominated on your account, they will operate your order pad on your behalf.

We can help you transfer your existing ASX Listed Securities and eligible Managed Funds into your Allan Gray Solution. The transfer will be subject to transfer fees, detailed in the disclosure documents and will be deducted from your cash hub.

To transfer ASX listed securities and Australian managed funds into your account, you will need to complete an Australian Standard Transfer Form for each security. These forms are available on the secure portal.

About fees and costs

All fees and costs are outlined in each of the disclosure documents. We have also developed a fee calculator to help you understand how you can control the administration fees and to clearly set out all the different charges including transaction based and investment charges. More information on fees.