Being privately owned keeps us sharply focused on what's best for our clients. We don't have external shareholders who could influence our commitment to our investment principles. This independence means we can remain committed to our philosophy and focus on producing long-term profits for our clients.
Our success is directly linked to yours, which keeps us highly motivated towards a mutually beneficial outcome. Our fees are performance‐based, so our profits are linked to fund performance. The company flourishes when our funds, and therefore our clients, flourish.
We think like business owners, not share traders, and we invest for the long term to grow your wealth. On average people hold a share for around one year, but we believe it’s extremely difficult to accurately predict the performance of a business within that timeframe. That’s why we seek out companies that have longevity for the next 5, 10, or even 20 years.  
Our philosophy has been demonstrated for over 45 years worldwide. Those who understand our contrarian philosophy know what to expect and trust us to apply our approach consistently.
When you invest, you part with your hard-earned cash for a long time. To help make it easier for you to decide whether to invest with us we will:
  1. Disclose all our funds’ significant holdings
  2. Ensure our fees are transparent and performance‐based
  3. Always be upfront about how our funds are performing and why

What does this mean for you?

Investing happens over a lifetime. It needs a partner who you trust; whose philosophy matches yours and who shares a common goal to grow your wealth. When you do well, we do well and that’s why our clients tend to stay with us for many years. They believe in our philosophy and process and know that the way we invest will never change.

We will remain privately owned and our interests will always be aligned with our clients. This increases the potential for mutual success and ensures the best outcome for everyone over the long term.

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