Having a strong creative proposition is important. For those businesses that advertise, the objective is generally twofold – to retain clients by being front of mind and to attract new clients. But advertising is more than a few nice pictures with a pithy headline. It’s important to ensure the advertising creative is working as hard as it can. It needs to tell people who you are and what you stand for.

This is why Allan Gray has launched our ‘Less and More’ campaign. We want to remind people what we do more of and what we do less of. We are different to most fund managers, as we strongly believe that you can’t be the same as everyone else and get a different outcome. This staunch conviction led the creative process and the development of the headlines below.

There is a clear rationale for the animals we have used in our creative. The majestic cheetah is both strong and independent, as well as being a courageous, non-pack animal. This speaks to our contrarian and independent core traits. While an owl is also independent, it is patient and wise. This reflects our long-term approach, which demands patience.

Another change you may notice in our new advertising campaign is the introduction of the word ‘superannuation’ to our adverts. Allan Gray entered the superannuation space in 2018 and it’s important that clients know exactly what we do when looking at our advertisements.

This advertising campaign has appeared primarily in trade media in both digital and print format, as well as some mainstream spots in the Australian and Australian Financial Review newspapers. You can view a selection of our advertisements on this page, including our short 15 second video commercials.

Industry awards

We were thrilled to be nominated in multiple categories as finalists in this years ‘Marketing, Advertising & Sales Excellence Awards’ run by Rainmaker, who recognise companies in the financial services industry which excel in the fields of marketing, advertising and sales. Allan Gray won the coveted ‘Digital Marketing Campaign of the Year’ award for its digital advertising, currently appearing throughout trade media. And Chris Inifer won the prestigious ‘Executive of the Year – Distribution’ award. We would like to extend a big thank you to all those who voted for us.