Details on fees
Find out about all the fees you may incur when investing and learn how you can control them.

Investment costs

Investment costs, otherwise referred to as ‘Indirect Costs’ is the amount you pay for the professional management of your chosen managed fund. The cost for each investment option is detailed in the disclosure document of the provider which you can access through our secure portal or directly from the fund manager.

Managed fund providers may also charge you transaction costs called buy/sell spreads. These buy/sell spreads are reflected in your unit price and are not charged separately. It’s important to note that some providers also charge a performance management fee.

Please refer to the managed fund Product Disclosure Statement for more information.

Insurance costs

When you invest in Allan Gray Superannuation, you have the choice of default insurance or you can choose from a range of retail insurers. Alternatively you may have your own insurance arrangements and choose to opt out.

Like investments, costs are dependent on the type of insurance cover you choose as well as other criteria including your age and are subject to you fulfilling some eligibility requirements. For further information on premiums, please refer to the insurance guide here.