Adviser Frequently asked questions

Allan Gray Australia and Orbis are privately-owned, sister companies. Both companies were founded by Dr Allan Gray and share the same long-term, contrarian investment philosophy. Allan Gray Australia is responsible for distributing the Orbis Global Equity Fund to the retail financial advice industry.
Please contact an Allan Gray representative in your state located on our contact us page.
You can invest in our funds, directly, through independent platforms, MFunds or via the Allan Gray Superannuation, Investments and Retirement solutions. For more information read here
We would welcome you to register with us if you are an authorised representative of an Australian Financial Services Licensee. You can also register with us as a foreign adviser if you hold the respective accreditation required by your country’s regulatory authority. We simply require you to complete this form. Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our Relationship Managers directly for more information.
There is a separate registration process for the Allan Gray Superannuation, Investment and Retirement solutions. Please click here to complete the Allan Gray Solutions Adviser and Dealer Group registration forms.
Your dealer group will need to complete the following one-off agreement in the Dealer Group registration form. This is not required for foreign advisers.

Your clients may choose to pay you a contribution and/or ongoing fee as follows

Fee type Amount How fees are calculated
Contribution 0%-2% Calculated on the amount of your client’s initial and each additional investment (excluding re-investment of distributions).
Ongoing 0%-1% p.a. Calculated on the average daily balance of your client’s investment based on redemption prices.

Once a financial adviser fee is nominated, it will be paid to your dealer group’s bank account on or around the 7th Business day after the end of each calendar quarter.

  • All payments to a foreign bank account are subject to a minimum of AUD 100.
  • Payments into Australian bank accounts have no minimum amount.
  • No interest is paid on accrued fees and no fee is payable for the calendar quarter if your client has redeemed their entire investment value.

Payment of Adviser Service Fees

IDPS Superannuation & Retirement
Limits How is it charged Limits How is it charged
One off (ad hoc fees) No max limits Fixed amounts are charged monthly in arrears. Initial or transactional fee of up to $5,500 per advice event. Fixed amounts are charged in arrears and will be paid depending on the date they are received and the payment cycle they fall within (see below for payment cycles)
Ongoing advice fees Fixed amounts are charged monthly in arrears on a pro rata basis. Up to 2.20% of the account balance, fixed dollar fees are available, subject to the same maximum. Mid-month deduction occurs on the 22-25th BD of the month, charged in arrears for the period 1st to 15th of the month).
Percentage amounts are charged monthly and calculated on the average daily balance on a pro rata basis. End of month deduction occurs on 12-15th BD of the following month, charged in arrears for the period 16th to 30/31st of the month.
Payment of Adviser Service Fees Paid on the 10th business day of the month (for the previous month) Paid twice per month: on the last day of the month and the 16th business day of the month.
Allan Gray Australia became a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) in May 2018. For more information, please read our statement on Responsible Investing.
Our solutions can integrate seamlessly with most financial planning software including XPlan and Coin. You can also directly access reports that you can use in your Statement and Records of advice. For more information, contact your local Relationship Manager.