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Why choose Allan Gray Solutions
We don't play

We do not believe that a lower price should limit your choice of investment options. That's quite contrarian when compared to our peers.

We bold the
fine print

Flashy headline rates are rarely supported by the detail and are often based on large balances. Our broad offering is very competitive especially for average balances.

Real control today
and tomorrow

Our fee hub and administration fee calculator details every fee and demonstrates how you can control them. We show you how investment choices can and should impact administration fees.

Smart and

Our Solutions are built on solid intuitive technology that integrates seamlessly with most planning and accounting software. We are committed to ease and efficiency and delivering you a solution that enables you to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time in front of clients. You can also access reliable research tools that includes ASX share price data, term deposit comparative rates and use our managed fund research tools that can chart, compare and even export data.

Take a look at our smart functionality in our video or download our demo user guide.